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Anderson .Paak sat down with Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener for 2017’s first episode of OTHERtone and, naturally, the conversation drifted towards his casual six appearances on Dre‘s Compton.

“Do you think that was where a lot of people really got to know you?” Scott asked.

“You know, Dre’s putting out an album,” Paak says. “Like, he’s really going to put out an album and I wind up on six of the tracks. You know, a lot of people were like, ‘who is this guy?'”.

Paak talks about only finding out about his appearances once the track listings were published on iTunes. Before that, everything was hushed.  “Just being in a room with him was enough for me, and being able to work with him,” he reflects. “I would have never believed that would end up on a track an actual Dre project. I couldn’t fathom that.”

They then talk about the rappers that they are currently listening to at the moment, as well as the qualities that define emerging talent.

“I like when people scratch the surface of something that feels different,” concludes Pharrell. “The ones that really matter to me are the ones who are scratching the surface of what’s different. I think that’s what’s going to last.

“Absolutely,” Paak says. “It’s a very brave thing to do. It takes a lot of guts to, just, go.”

“Well, that’s what you do.”

Check out the full interview above.

Weekly updates