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Apple is reportedly in “exploratory talks with senior label executives” about jumping into the music streaming game. And with their watch, learn, and conquer method of taking over other tech realms, industry leaders like Spotify, Google Play Music, and Beats Music are probably shitting themselves right now.

Apple launched Apple Radio in the U.S. and Australia which notes the music you listen to most for a personalised radio station, but their supposed motive for moving away from DJ curated stations comes from a drop in sales for downloads – an area they’ve dominated since iTunes’ inception. Last year global streaming music revenue grew 51%, while downloads slipped 2.1%.

So far Spotify, Pandora and co. are yet to comprehensively pry consumers away from their beloved terabytes of downloaded tunes that they’re so proud of ‘owning’, but if anyone has the track record to do so it’s the cult of Apple. But can they do it without Steve?

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