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Are these really new Frank Ocean tracks?

Your prayers may have been answered

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After becoming something of a disappearing act last year, a clip from a (potential) Frank Ocean “secret listening party” has emerged on the internet. We say potential because there is no confirmation that it is truly the man himself, but it definitely sounds like him. Then again, we haven’t heard much from him lately so who even knows if this is what he still sounds like.

The release date for his album didn’t come out until 2015, and as the fateful day in July came and went without even so much as a single being dropped, fans were left asking “where is Frank Ocean?”

The clip itself was uploaded by an anonymous user, and it is unclear how they managed to even get a hold of it, but the possibility of a listening party means there very well could be an album about to drop. Whether all this speculation actually leads to an album drop is a whole other story.  Whilst we would like to get excited, if Frank Ocean has taught us anything, it’s not to count our chickens before they hatch.

Have a listen for yourself and at least try to quell that Frank Ocean thirst.

  • Words: Emma Arnold

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