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According to some reasonably depressing figures, every single Australian pays an average of only $20 per year for music. These figures are according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (a body that collects and catalogs data related to the music industry), and include sync, performance rights, and record sales.

Whilst that might appear to be a pretty dismal figure, Australia is home to some 23 million residents, and not all of them may be as interested in music. And to put that into perspective, Australia is still makes the top 10 spenders on music in the world—ranked 6th in the world for how much each person spends a year on average (superseded surprisingly by Norway).

Australian’s also apparently spent an immense $16 billion on going to see live music last year, so whilst it might seem like $20 per person is a menial amount, it all adds up in the end. See more from the report here.

Kyle Setch

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