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Benevolent streaming overlords Spotify have revealed some interesting insights about their users’ tastes in a series of graphs detailing fan loyalty. Besides demonstrating that globally, metal has more loyalty than any other genre, it also showed that Australia’s streaming tastes are, well, kind of off. I mean we get it, we’ve got a lot of outback, but Australian Country with a #1 loyalty ranking? That’s hard to swallow.

Another thing we learnt is that Perth Indie is a completely standalone genre to Australian Indie which seems like Spotify is slyly implying that the west coast city isn’t actually part of the rest of the country. No shade to Perth, we love you guys, we just think Spotify might be subtly trying to start beef.

Spotify admit that because they only counted the core artists within each genre, overall loyalty among fans may actually be higher than measured. Their reasoning is that some genres have many more non-core artists within them that wouldn’t have been counted among the rest. If Spotify had actually tried to accumulate all the subgenres and their respective artists housed under the banners of hip-hop and metal as a graph, it would have most likely thrown the whole thing out of wack.

The biggest thing to take away from this is that while Brazil is blasting punk, France is vibing reggae, and Norway is pumping hip-hop, we’re apparently firmly dedicated to Australian Country – just let that sink in.


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