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Azealia Banks drops new track, uses the same sample Iggy Azalea did

She did warn us all that she was about to get real petty

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Earlier today, Azealia Banks let loose online after fellow rapper and definite rival Iggy Azalea revisited their 2015 Twitter beef in an interview with Elle Canada. In her tweets, Banks accused Azalea of stealing her name and trying to be her for several years before warning that she was going to “kill this bitch” by “taking my pettiness to a whole new level”. And here it is.

Yes, as we hoped, Banks has dropped a new track but her music is doing A LOT of talking as it’s not only a showcase of new music but her track ‘Used To Being Alone’ uses the same sample used by Iggy in her 2011 track ‘My World’. Both songs take their instrumental inspiration from Tony Igy’s ‘Astronomia’. The sentiment and vocal treatment is obviously quite different, with Banks stretching her vocal range to deliver a power ballad vibe. Their respective fans will gladly tell you whose is better, but the reference is undeniable. Take a listen to Azealia Banks’s effort below and compare it to Iggy’s own track above.

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