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Weekly updates

Azealia Banks got into a Twitter ‘fight’ with her newly found arch nemesis Angel Haze. Shit doesn’t happen on the streets anymore, no, but shit gets raw online – it’s all happening in the safe arena of the Internet.

The fight was initially over who was more ‘New York’ out of the two, and escalated quickly as fans jumped aboard the Twit wagon to throw their two cents into the mix.

‘Bitch I got ammo on you. Bitch you don’t want war’, were wise words spat from the mouth of Angel Haze as she quickly smashed together a diss track mere hours later, in retaliation to Banks’ tweets.

Actual rap feud or an attempted publicity stunt – we don’t know all the gory deets
But whatever it is, it must be working coz we’re writing about it… so there you go.

If you want to hear some genius lines from Haze, such as ‘Bitch I’m from the 313’ – feel free. We’ve embedded it right here for your enjoyment. It’s pretty damn feisty.