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Kreayshawn’s baby bump gets it cracking with some bad ass threads in an exclusive photo interview shot by Pretty Puke.

The shoot documents the baby bumps preferred wardrobe choices: Acid print, skin tight tank tops and sticking stickers all up on itself. It also enjoys watching its mumma iron and try out the new crib herself. But those Lion King blankets seem a little bit soft for a bump that wears a “I’m a mess” t-shirt.

The limelight wasn’t just on Baby Kreay, though. Mama Kreay talked about the lil bundle of soon to be baby-badness, her upcoming kawaii jewelry line and not being able to dress slutty or smoke weed because of said bump. I guess that’s why she chose to wear a “no fun” print t-shirt.

What have you been up to? I hear you have a jewelry line coming out.
Yeah, it’s based off emojis. It’s a collab I did with this company called OK1984. Basically, it’s just really simple jewelry. I like simple jewelry, you like simple jewelry. I usually only wear one basic necklace that I keep on for months, or just add a little charm onto it or change it out, so that’s basically what it is. It’s like different types of faces, weed faces with weed eyes or kitty faces, monster faces, whatever. It’s just a real simple collab.

How’s it been not smoking weed?
It wasn’t really hard to quit. I found out really early then I was like “Oh my god, this is it, this is the last time I’m ever smoking,” and I haven’t smoked since… but I quit smoking cigarettes last year. That’s hard cause you’re actually really addicted to it., but weed is different ‘cause you’re not physically addicted to it. So it was really easy to quit smoking weed. But you can’t smoke weed while breastfeeding either, so that’s a whole six months of not smoking weed either.

I just tweeted a second ago, “What is a blunt? I don’t even know what a blunt is anymore.” I haven’t even seen one in so long… now they got all these hookah pens, vape pens… those weren’t even out when I was smoking. All this shit that’s come out while I’ve been pregnant… what is this technological stuff? Everything’s advancing.

This is such a job interview question, but where do you see yourself in five years?
I have no idea. Every year is always a drastic change. I can’t really say. People always say “Are you gonna quit making music?” How do you quit making music if that’s what you like doing? If you’re a painter, you’re not just gonna quit painting. You might quit painting for a second but you’re always a painter. You have the brushes. You have the paint. I’m always gonna be making music.

Since I wasn’t working on anything for me personally, that’s why I wanted to do as many features as possible in the meantime. I still wanna have that. I still wanna listen to my own music and make shit with my friends, and make some cool songs with people who I like their music and stuff like that. You don’t know what happens after you have a baby though. It’s so weird. People are like “What kind of mom are you gonna be?” And I’m like “I don’t know… I’ll be chill, I guess?”

Read the full interview here.

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