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Bb trickz: Spain’s Unbothered Princess of Drill

Hailing from the vibrant city of Barcelona, 23-year-old rapper Bb trickz has skyrocketed into the conversation this year for her sample-heavy drill beats, schoolgirl aesthetic, and razor-sharp bilingual bars. With a staggering 15 million+ streams in her debut year as an artist, Bb trickz is making her mark on the global music scene.

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Hailing from the vibrant city of Barcelona, 23-year-old rapper Belize Kazi AKA Bb trickz has skyrocketed into the conversation this year for her sample-heavy drill beats, schoolgirl aesthetic, and razor-sharp bilingual bars. With a staggering 15 million+ streams in her debut year as an artist and cosigns from heavyweights like Karol G, Rosalia, and Veeze, Bb trickz is making her mark on the global music scene.

The journey began earlier this year with her single ‘Missionsuicida’ going viral, where Bb trickz playfully turned the Law N Order theme song into a drill anthem, adorned with tongue-in-cheek lyricism. Just 10 days later, she dropped her debut EP Trickstar, doubling down on her unique sound with standout tracks like ‘Treachory’ and ‘Ah!’

What sets Bb Trickz apart is her ability to seamlessly blend hard-hitting drill production and Detroit-inspired flows with lush reverberated vocals and bratty cutthroat bars, flexing her unbothered attitude in her delivery.

Launching her second EP this year, Sadtrickz, Bb trickz continues to push artistic boundaries; sampling beats from notable artists like Cash Cobain and the late Lil Peep. Through candid introspections, Bb trickz refines her distinct sound and establishes a unique lane marked by charisma and a talent for crafting viral moments.

On a Zoom call between Melbourne and Madrid, Bb trickz who shared insights into her spontaneous creative process, her whirlwind year and where she plans on taking things next.

Bb Trickz, what’s good? How are you?
I’m good. I just filmed a music video today so it was a good day.

Cool. What track is the new video for?
This one is called ‘Emo’. It’s not out yet.

Okay. You’re pumping out music this year.
Yeah. [Laughs] I’m working. I’m working.

So you’re back home in Spain. How has the last few weeks been with your new project dropping?
It was cool. We made an event. It was very successful. We also prepared my first concert, like me organizing it. It wasn’t like a festival, it was just me and filming a couple of videos and being back home. I hadn’t recorded in the stu for a couple weeks, so just getting back, touching base and it’s been fun. And the whole release thing was cool. I had never done something like that, so it was a cool experience to do an event. It was like a carnival and shit.

So the new EP, Sad Trickz. Can you tell me a bit more about this collection of songs?
Yeah, it was like a domino effect from Trickstar. Basically, all those songs I made were right after Trickstar except the first one. But everything had to do with my experience with fame and having money and I guess the sad side of fame and money, like some people are going to try to snake you or they’re going to start acting different or whatever it is. It’s just very personal.

It sounds like you’ve had a huge 2023. How would you describe the year you’ve had?
It’s been crazy. It’s basically been making all the things I dreamt about when I was 17 come true. Anything I could imagine at 17 years old I’m doing and it’s kind of crazy, and I’m able to buy clothing pieces I’ve been wanting for years, or I’ve been able to be creative and be supported by people and I’m just living my dream. Sometimes it’s hard for me to even realize, I’m so in it and I also try to not get too big headed or celebrate too much. I always keep it moving too much like the good going. I don’t know. It’s kind of irealista—not realistic, but it’s true.

That’s dope. We were just saying you’ve been dropping a lot of music this year, but the way that you are kind of rolling your music out feels very organic. I wanted to ask how much planning goes into what you’re doing, or how much is just going with the flow and going off vibe?
Everything is going off the flow and vibe. It’s kind of going back to school, working with labels and stuff, because there are deadlines. And I always see myself working like I did in school, which is doing everything last minute.

[Laughs] Me too.
[Laughs] And I work better under pressure. I feel like I work well with pressure. So it’s kind of been going back to school.

How has your recent trip to the US, what did you get up to while you were over there?
It was really cool. I did a bunch of press. I did a ‘Lil Peep’ video in Mexico. I just did some photo shoots and interviews. I had a couple concerts, a little DJ set for Halloween. It was cool, the work ethic is different in the States, which was a cool thing to experience because I did a lot in that week I was there for example. I also met a lot of artists. It’s always a fun time when we travel.

Is there anyone over there that you’re excited to work over there?
Well, I really like Shawny Binladen and he’s locked up right now so him. But yeah, I have something in the works, but since it’s not confirmed, I don’t want to say because I don’t spoiling myself.

So for those who are not so familiar with the Spanish music scene, can you paint a picture of what it’s like, and how it’s different to the US scene?
Yeah, it’s very different. It’s smaller. So there’s the Boom-bap type of rappers, the OG like old-shcool rap. And then there’s definitely a new wave of basically everything that’s hot right now in the states, like the drill kids and stuff.

I guess the way I saw it, it was very doable. Spain, I mean, we have artists but—like in New York, everyone raps since they’re kids. And I wouldn’t say Spain has the biggest rap scene in the world. So it’s smaller, but I think also—well, people have really bad music taste out here. [Laughs] But it’s part of the reason why I think I worked, because there’s not a lot going on in the playground and I’m something fresh and original, so it’s low key easy to be a breath of fresh air in Spain if you can.

So one thing I love about your music is that your beat selection is always hard. When it comes to picking beats or coming out with ideas for new tracks, what are some things that you look for?
I definitely pay attention to the samples. If I like the samples, it really influences if I like the beat or even if the sample is used properly. I look for things that excite me, that kind of also match the energy I have in the moment because I don’t write beforehand, everything’s off the head. So it really is just what I’m feeling that day. But it’s a really important part of the job and it takes me a long ass time to pick a beat, liol can take me two or three hours of pictures, one beat that I want to hop on.

There’s one sample on the last track from Sadtrickz. It’s like a Japanese song, are you an anime fan?
I don’t know what sample that is, but definitely, I love Death Note and that song is called ‘El viaje de Chihiro’ which is the Spanish name of Spirited Away, the Ghibli movie and that’s my favourite childhood movie. So I’m not like a super geek, but that movie really impacted me. I was obsessed with that moon when I was a kid and it’s such a weird movie, but it makes you think and I think that’s why I liked it. And so that’s just a really permanent thing, those images, I think about it every day. [Laughs]

Can you tell me who you were before you became Bb trickz and how your journey into hip hop and music started?
I was a pretty standard Spaniard. I mean, I did ads for tv but I never liked it. It gave me some freedom and some free time not having a schedule, but it didn’t motivate me because I didn’t have no creative control. So I was just a girl, I loved listening to music. I loved running errands by myself and linking my friends and just chilling in the neighborhood and smoking, just some teenage shit.

I’ve always loved music since I was a kid. I don’t know if I wanted to be a singer. I just wanted to entertain people always since I was a little, always enjoyed it. And I was kind of in a moment in my life where I was like, okay, I need to figure out what my job is going to be because I’m not going to be doing this ad thing forever, and I don’t even like it.

So music just made the most sense. I’ve always loved music, I know how to sing, but when I looked at it and I was like, okay, well I don’t want to be a singer because I don’t listen to singers. I listen to rappers. So when I started thinking of it as like, let me make this a business or let me make this my real job. That’s when I started rapping. I never had rapped before, but that’s when I was like, you know what? It makes sense like let make music that I would listen to, just in Spanish.

It must be cool that your music is reaching places outside of Spain, and even non-Spanish speaking places too.
Yeah it always surprises me when it’s not a Spanish speaking country. Because I think something that’s very powerful about my music is my bars or my lyrics. They’re like silly and funny, but they’re also deep and real and raw, unfiltered. And I’m always surprised like — they don’t even know the best part. They don’t know what I’m saying.

That just goes to show that the vibe alone is strong enough right?
Yeah exactly. For people to get it. Yeah.

Hey do you use Spotify? Can you tell me who your number one artist was this year, can I expose you?
No, you totally can. I do use Spotify and my number one was Young Thug, but every year is the same top five. It’s Young Thug, Future. 03 Greedo, Chief Keef, and then I’m missing one, but it’s always the same. Just a different one.

You have dope style too. I know you’ve been going to a few fashion events and things like that. Do you see yourself getting more into fashion or design?
100% at some point I want to make— I don’t want to say merch. I’ve never wanted to make merch because I would never buy people’s merch. They’re so ugly. I don’t know—It’s just not thought out. But I definitely want to make some fashion pieces. I love fashion, I love color, so I’m excited to do some more work with some brands. I would love to co-design with some brand or something like that.

What are the plans or goals for next year? What can we expect to see from you in 2024?
That’s a good question. I would like to make more music. I would love to make another concept mixtape or something like that. Maybe an album. I have no idea. I never know what I’m going to do tomorrow, so I don’t know.
I would also just love to do more concerts, something I haven’t done a lot. And just to be able to connect with my fans. I would love to start doing parties and activations. Things that happen in real life for real people to connect and bond over.

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