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Martin Shkreli must have much more time on his hands these days, having stepped down as CEO of one pharmaceutical company shortly before being fired from another following his arrest for fraud charges recently. Welp, according to his frequently updated Twitter feed, the entrepreneur and avid rap fan is thinking about dropping a mixtape.

We know that he is at least a big fan of Wu-Tang and Fetty Wap, so who knows if this influences his sound at all but whether it’s good or terrible, we’re going to know about about sooner or later.

Additionally, Shkreli has appeared in his first interview since his recent legal dramas, presumably to speak on his side of the story. A look at the preview of the talk with a local Fox News network, sees Shkreli try to defend himself against the title of ‘pharma bro’, which was bestowed upon him by the internet. We’re not entirely convinced that he doesn’t usually take photos of himself wearing sunglasses indoors but I guess it’s his word against popular opinion. Check out a snippet of the interview below and #staytuned (or not) for MC Pharma Bro’s tape, dropping soon.

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