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Imagine waking up the morning after a big night with the world’s worst hangover and zero memory of the last 12 hours, to then find out you slept through Beyoncé taking photos with you. Oh god, it hurts. Well unfortunately, that actually happened to a poor girl earlier in the week, but fortunately for her two less drunk friends, when Beyoncé decided to crash their party they were awake to experience it.

Sing Sing Karaoke in Miami was host to a few stars on that fateful evening, as Queen Bey and husband Jay Z along with friends Kelly Rowland and Timbaland stopped by to show the amateurs how it’s done. Passing by a bunch of girls singing one of her songs “Party” from 2011, Beyoncé thought she would pop in and pay them a visit. Although it may have taken the girls a moment to fathom the situation, they managed to pull themselves together and take a few happy snaps to remember the night – not the same can be said for everyone in the room, eh?

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