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Weekly updates

Detroit’s been doing it tough: unemployment has been in a bad place, houses are getting repossessed and, to top it off, the education doesn’t seem to be of high importance to Motor City’s youth either.

School attendance has been pretty worrisome which led to the Detroit Public Schools district collaborating with Viacom’s Get Schooled program and launching their On Time. All Day. Every Day campaign aimed at raising school attendance through downright bribing. Yes, they hosted a competition named the Detroit attendance challenge in which the school with the highest overall pupil attendance would have Big Sean visit their school as principal for the day.

Riding in on his white horse, trail of shiny red apples and screaming hormonal female students in his wake (see Instagram video below), was rapper and part-time principal Big Sean. A Detroit alumnus himself, Big Sean rewarded Bates Academy – who beat out 37 other middle and high schools – with am assembly with radio host Sway from, promoting the good word that skipping school is bad and other fun stuff.

Big Sean had this to say:

“The correlation between success in life and daily attendance in school is inarguable. As a former DPS student, I could not be more proud of the district for taking the issue of attendance seriously, and of Bates Academy for its awesome achievement. I’m excited to have the chance to celebrate the students’ commitment to showing up for school, all day, every day.”