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Weekly updates

Jumping onto WorldStarHipHop is like mainlining #contemporaryculture. (Right now the home page has a dude making cereal on a woman’s back during doggy.)

This week WorldStar has delivered us Lil Mouse’s latest, ‘She Going’. While not strictly a newcomer, the 14-year-old drill rapper personifies WorldStar sensibilities: coming up via a Lil Wayne feature and more recently a shoutout from Drake (!) in ‘0-100’. That’s some publicity even 50 couldn’t manage. Within the week-and-a-half since the release of ‘0-100’, Lil Mouse has dropped a ‘0-100’ freestyle and, now, ‘She Going’, which shouts out the Drake shoutout in its intro.

‘She Going’ sees Lil’ Mouse hanging out with a woman twice his age beside a Maserati he’s not old enough to drive while he adlibs “Brrrrruuhh”, “Skrrrr”, and “Boom boom boom.” Watch above.

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