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Donald Glover has admitted that Childish Gambino could be coming to an end soon while doing a interview spot for his upcoming film The Lazarus Effect on the Today show in the US. 

After speaking about his new film, the interviewers move on to talk about his career. Glover said that while he loves “doing music”, he wants to have definable periods in his career and Childish Gambino falls into one of those epochs. “I feel like Childish Gambino is a period that should come to a close,” he said. “I like endings.”

When asked about the possibility of playing Spiderman in 2017 Glover did not confirm or deny any news, just saying that he would love to play the character.

So while there is no official time set for the end of Childish Gambino, you can be sure that when it does, Glover will be so busy with his other projects, he won’t exactly be going away.


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