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Could Drake’s “Views from the 6” be releasing soon too?

Drizzy’s producer keeps the fans guessing

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So you thought 2015 was a big year for music? We’re just over a week into 2016 and the promise of some of the most anticipated albums actually releasing is almost too much to bear. After releasing some amazing new sounds, Kanye West tweeted what’s probably going to be the release date of Swish.

Not to be outdone, Noah ’40’ Shebib AKA Drake’s right-hand man and premier producer almost simultaneously posted a photo of his computer screen to Instagram, showing a folder titled ‘VIEWS’.

? A photo posted by Noah Shebib (@ovo40) on

Obviously, fans have been waiting on Drizzy’s Views from the 6 for a while now, and maybe 40 was hinting that the album is finally near completion, or maybe he just wanted to make sure we weren’t losing ourselves in the Yeezy frenzy. Expectedly, there are no further clues given from anyone else within OVO so we’ll just have to keep reading too much into their obscure Instagram posts.

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