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RU - Cam'(W)ron(g)?

What’s really good, Cam’ron? After providing the outstanding music that was ‘Instagram (Catfish)’ and ‘My Life’ for 2013’s surprisingly enjoyable Ghetto Heaven, Vol. 1, which had me gassed-up enough to pen this tribute to his fine work, he’s now reverted to hanging out with the Fool’s Gold doofus gang, releasing dishwater-dull monthly mixtapes on iTunes and hawking capes. Just when I thought he couldn’t sink any lower, Mr. Giles drops the cheapest looking video since the notorious Blue Cheese puppet was first unleashed in 1991 for his Nicki Minaj duet, ‘So Bad’. It appears that Minaj was unable to attend the video shoot, which resulted in her and Cam’ron using a green screen setup to fake being in a $20,000 per month property, while she is later superimposed onto the balcony while Killa dances around all his lonesome. To add insult to injury, we’re also expected to endure the most unsubtle product placement since Back To The Future II and a rather tired sounding Cam name dropping Aaliyah, Lil’ Wayne and Birdman?

Don’t even get me started on First Of The Month, Vol. 1, where the former master of nonchalant snark comes off so uninspired that he makes J. Cole sound like Ol’ Dirty Bastard by comparison. While many of the internets were gushing in their praise of ‘Dipshits’, it actually lacks all of the qualities that made Diplomats records sound good, coming off more like something Joey Bada$$ would put together if he had grown up on Jim Jones instead of Mos Def. How is it that Cam’ron has gotten so rusty at rapping since last October? At this stage, Dipset has become the favourite group of people who weren’t listening to them when they were actually running shit but want to seem cool on Tumblr or need yet another addition to their already hideous collection of body art.

Is Cam’ron just too old to rap at this point? Considering that a large part of his appeal was based around juvenile, ignorant excess and constant disrespect, the fact that he’s happily cuffed-up with JuJu and has become somewhat of a media and fashion darling may have resulted in a kinder, gentler Cam who no longer wants to spit in the faces of little kids in films or piss on the bodies of unconscious dice game rivals after a beatdown. While this is great for Cameron Giles as a grown-ass man, it’s a literal death-sentence for Cam the rapper dude.

Being content in your personal life is very rarely conducive to making great art. Jay Z is having an absolute blast these days – what with being down with the prez, married to one of the world’s most thirsted after women and having enough cash to be able to justify paying Rick Rubin to sleep on his couch – and look at the music he gives us as a result? Meanwhile, Nas delivered the dullest project of his career following getting wifed up (Streets Disciple), and it wasn’t until that all turned pear-shaped that he was able to grace us with some of his best material of the past decade (Life Is Good).

While I’m in no way trying to imply that JuJu is the Yoko Ono of the Diplomats – seeing as though they were already long broken up, and, come to think of it, Yoko got a pretty bad rap considering that John Lennon was clearly sick of the sight of Paul McCartney by the time he went solo – what I will stand by is that it may be time to say goodbye to anti-social, venomous Cam’ron forever. Here’s hoping he uses some of that cape money to finally shoot the pilot for his version of Curb Your Enthusiasm in the near future, since the gawd Larry David seems to be too busy on the golf course.

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