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RU - Wale

Don’t get it twisted and think for a minute that Kanye West is the only rap dude that can get his rant on outchea. Wale, who has a long history of being an emotional/grumpy/rude character when dealing with the press, might possibly be the only person on the the planet who considers ‘Best Of 2013’ lists to have any actual meaning based on the fact that he spazzed out on Insanul Ahmed from Complex because he wasn’t included in their ‘Top 50 Albums of 2013’ list.

Insanul, whom I’ve worked with in the past, is a fairly quiet and reserved type of dude, but he held his own under the circumstances and allowed Wale to play himself out like Kwame and those fuckin’ polkadots. He whines that he is nonplussed “to be omitted from every type of list that y’all do or be at the bottom of it,” indicating that he’s eagerly trawling Complex every week to see if he’s made the ‘Top 20 Rappers From DC’ list and what have you. Is this guy really so desperate for validation like that? He then insists that it’s because someone at ‘Plex has a grudge against him, because it’s apparently beyond his comprehension that maybe everyone doesn’t fuck with him musically like that. He then comments that he’s “had no interaction with the company in years.” I guess his interview on the Combat Jack Show for Complex TV was just a mere figment of our imagination then, right? You remember, the one where he couldn’t resist playing with his phone every ten seconds?

Just how sensitive is this guy? Super-ultra-uber-sensitive, based on the way he reacted when basketball announcer Matt Devlin made this now infamous quip after spotting him on the sidelines: “I’m sure somebody on Twitter could tell me exactly if they’ve ever heard of Wale. He’s not Drake – that’s for sure.” That ether sufficiently burnt Wale’s soul to the point where he stepped to the commentary box and attempted to engage Matt mano a mano. But, back to the fallout from ‘Plexgate, Wale then went on to Hot 97’s AM Show sporting some serious Russian Hat Wear and went on to suggest his rant was partly because of his “monumental Grammy snub” (because ‘Bad’ didn’t win Rap Single of the Year?) and pleads that he isn’t begging for acceptance from “Williamsburg hipsters,” before admitting that he was sonned by Jay Z for “making that list important.” He actually makes some good points about the Pitchfork / Chief Keef incident to the credit of anyone who was able to sit through the entire 23 minutes.

Just when you thought it was all blown over, he then did another interview with Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds for their Juan Epstein podcast, where he soon reverted to acting like a major jagoff, spending the first ten minutes messing around on his Instagram before he began saying shit like this: “How can you say ‘I Gave You Power’ by Nas is dope, is crazy, and you don’t like ‘Golden Salvation’? Same vein. I took that idea Nas did and I did it for a Jesus piece chain.” So you’re saying that you admit to biting an old Nas song that was biting an even older Organized Konfusion song, except that you made it about a chain? Yeah, you’re clearly Top 5 Dead or Alive. He then compares himself to Treach from Naughty By Nature as being on his level as an MC. Man, I can’t even… *Punches laptop screen so hard it shatters and cuts my fist*

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