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It’s been a couple of weeks since OVO Fest went down in Toronto. While the show was a huge success, the festival was dampened by a tragic shooting at the official after party, killing two people and injuring three others.

It may seem unlike Drake to not respond to such an occurrence, especially considering his recent quick-fire reactions, but he finally addressed the situation by posting an open letter to the OVO Blog. He says he was advised to stay quiet about the controversy but had been “in a moral bind” about the whole situation.

“I am plagued and pained by the violence that continues to escalate in our city. I stare into the eyes of so many young people and I wish to see them all shine as bright as they possibly can in this lifetime. I encourage my generation to show as much value and gratitude as you can for the lives we have been gifted.”

Police responded to reports of “sporadic shooting” at Musik Nightclub on August 4, where Duvel Hibbert (23) and Ariela Navarro-Fenoy (26) were fatally injured. Authorities are still looking for the shooter.

Read Drizzy’s full letter here.

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