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Drake‘s history-making meeting with Lil Wayne has long been the stuff of legend. While everyone involved has a different take on how it actually happened, James ‘Jas’ Prince, son of Rap-a-Lot label boss James ‘J’ Prince is suing Cash Money records for the third time in as many years for what he believes he is owed for his role in the profitable relationship.

Hoping to work in the family business as a college student, Jas approached his father with a young Toronto rapper who had been drawing attention on MySpace. When James snr. passed on Drizzy’s now iconic vocal style, he showed tracks to then friend Lil Wayne. Wayne famously thought Drake was garbage, but Jas wasn’t going to stop there.

Driving Weezy to his jewellers the next day, Jas put played him ‘Replacement Girl‘ and ‘A Milli‘— after hearing ‘Brand New‘ Wayne wanted to speak to Drake, so Prince put him on the phone.  Jas, who now has his own promotional company, orchestrated the pair’s first meeting soon after, and the rest, as they say, is incorrectly attributed history.

While Prince is still close with Drake, his relationship with Wayne is unsurprisingly a little more tense (friends who sue each other and all that). Prince is looking for a larger cut of the $40 million Drizzy has generated for Cash Money than the $2 million he has received.

Read Jas’ full account on The Fader.

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