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Drake joins the (hopefully) growing list of unofficial content libraries

If you think you’re Drake's biggest fan... you aren’t

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It wasn’t too long ago that Reddit user doogywassa graced the world with a Kendrick Lamar content library on Wakelet. The site took off with great success, so why wouldn’t you make another one, and target ‘one of the defining musicians of modern times’, Drake. It looks like he’s been working tirelessly, collecting every Drake guest verse, live performance, unreleased track, featured song, interview, you name it. If Drake’s done it, it’s on there.

Inspired by fans, his aim is to collect the most significant pieces of Drakes content. Doogywassa even put a call out on Reddit, where other fans (probably not as big as him) can post any work by Drake they have, which can then be added to the comprehensive collection. If you think you’ve got something to add, send in your contributions here, otherwise sit back, relax, and click here to enjoy all that is Drake.

Weekly updates