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During his birthday weekend barrage of Instagram posts, Drake uploaded a video of himself jamming to Kodak Black’s ‘SKRT’. Expectedly, his comments were blowing up with “What song is this?”, after which Kodak Black’s Google search results probably went through the roof. Drake has been known to put on artists that may not have been widely recognised previously but apparently not everyone is cool with that kind of thing.

Earl Sweatshirt took to Twitter yesterday to voice his opinions about Drake’s discovery of the 17-year-old rapper from Florida: “Drake found Kodak Black? SMH welp”. To say Earl is skeptical of Drake’s co-sign is putting things lightly, with the former Odd Future member saying “the line between paying homage and wave riding is a blurry one” and apparently Drake has a tendency to sit on the wrong side of that line.

Drizzy has recently gained attention due to his close, recently formed, friendship with UK grime king Skepta, from whom he’s obviously been influenced sonically and sartorially; as well as the fall-out from ‘Hotline Bling’ and it’s similarities to D.R.A.M.’s ‘Cha Cha’.

Check out Earl’s Twitter exchange above.

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