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So if you haven’t caught wind of this yet (and why wouldn’t you, huh? HUH?), we’ve been busy announcing this year’s line-up for the Carbon festival. Last year we rattled on and ON about how if you didn’t make it that time around, you better get yourselves along to the 2012 event…because it’s gonna be a banger, BANGER!!

The line-up so far includes some of the biggest names in contemporary art, digital media, photography, design and more. Eugene Kan from Hypebeast will be joining us, as will legendary photographer, Ricky Powell, street artists Faith47 and DALeast; The New Order Magazine’s, Joy Yoon; Huw Bennett from Sydney label, Vanishing Elephant; cult blogger, Yimmy Yayo, NYC photographer and videographer, 13thWitness; founder of Black ScaleMegaFool’s Gold creative director, Dust La RockSneeze Magazine’s, Nic Fensom and graff pioneer Chaz Bojorquez.

AND there’s going to be a bunch of huge sideshows with more guests to be announced so get onto The Book and join us at the Carbon 2012 page to stay up to date. To entice you even further, we’ll be giving away tickets to the festival, New Balance kicks, clothes, mag subscriptions and much more so actually, you have absolutely no excuse to not Like our page.

Are you excited yet? Because we sure as shit are. We’re so excited, we’ve already opened earlybird tickets over at Moshtix, so go get ’em right here and stay tuned for the soon-to-be-launched Carbon Festival 2012 website. Are you still sitting there? Go Like our page! Go buy tickets! GO!