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A festival that truly embodied the spirit of the woman who let the phrase pass by her soft French (she was Austrian, but this is not a history lesson) lips, Let Them Eat Cake was a resounding success across all fronts.

The grounds of the Werribee Mansion provided an intimate setting for a day of endless luxury and debauchery, qualities that could be found at every turn.

Rain was met with cheers; Umbrellas bobbed, ponchos were worn with pride and Soul Clap dropped an almost too appropriate remix of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ that had strangers hugging like long lost brothers.

Floating Points got funky, Kode 9 got dark and James Holden played some top notch electronica which included a pounding mix of Four Tet’s ‘Paralell Jalebi’.

DJ Koze’s unique brand of melancholic techno played into the sunset and the darkness that followed. And then there was silence, which was soon replaced with the roaring of buses that ferried punters back to Melbourne.

It truly was day of eating (metaphorical) cake. Although they did sell this banana, pecan and toffee slice that was pretty freakin’ good.