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Event recap: Lil Yachty in Melbourne

Lil Boat docks in St Kilda for a sideshow

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Lil Yachty played the Prince Bandroom over the weekend, which was an interesting venue choice for the Atlanta rapper. Providing a first glimpse of authentic Melbourne culture, there truly is nothing more eye opening than St Kilda on a Saturday night. The crowd was young and they were hyped. Anybody who spat ill words about Lil Yachty’s debut album Teenage Emotions (see our roundtable discussion here) were obviously not present because the crowd were singing along to every song.

Where Lil Yachty fell short of delivering a fully formed album, he made up in performance. Lil Yachty was full of energy, which was encouraged by his crew including The Good Perry and a visibly impressed Coach K who sat by the DJ wearing a white towel on his head. At some point during his Australian tour, Lil Yachty acquired an oversized Kermit stuffed toy, which of course accompanied him on stage further fuelling meme culture. After he belted out his Teenage Emotions repertoire he reminded the crowd that he’s in fact a hitmaker and proceeded to perform ‘1 Night’ and ‘Minnesota’. The show ended with covers of ‘Look at Me’ and ‘Bad & Boujee’ which encouraged dudes removing their shirts, as the crowd became a sweaty mess and lead to a lot of broken glass on the floor. Wild.

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