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Awful Records debut their new line of merch and fresh site

Atlanta's new sound now has a site and threads to match

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In the blissful days that Awful Record’s daddy kicked it in Aus, we were blessed with performances and interviews that left us looking for the guerilla labels sign-up sheet. Yep, Father has his power moves on lock and in keeping with this, he’s bringing the visual game of his label to the next level.

In our recent interview, the head honcho noted that right now, he’s “concentrating on more of the visual aspect of the label in its entirety because that’s [his] background, the music has always been a secondary thing.” With a fresh line of merch and the debut of their site—a home base for each of the artists’ links—it’s clear the visual content has gotten its kick. With EatHumans and David Widart taking care of the shots, the tour tees have us pretty hyped for the label’s coming year. And although he said music isn’t going to be his main focus, his new track ‘Hands’ still made it to the web because, well, it’s Father. Give the track a play below and be sure to check out the new merch on their site and in the gallery above.

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