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Weekly updates

ATTN Struggle rappers: The Soundcloud success game is hard. You’re going to be out there constantly fighting – you’ll always be getting your shit taken down because you attached a download link to your track after blatantly ganking samples from top 40 tracks, no one is going to share your ‘CoCo’ remix, your fave rap blog is not going to reply to your FB message and to top it all off, there’s going to be high-status haters trying to get you to change your name because it’s super similar to theirs. And just ask FKA Twigs because that shit gets litigious.

Well, ‘Is This Band Name Taken?‘ is here to ease your struggle by making sure you don’t fuck up from the very beginning. Simply type in what you’re thinking of going by as a moniker and it will tell you if there’s already someone higher in the game going by the alibi. It won’t pick up on fellow struggle rappers or bands who’ve had the same idea, but I’m sure that’s just the programming motivating you to climb the ranks faster than whoever is trying to establish that particular label for themselves. We gave the site an arbitrary spin and it seems to work pretty well. Check our attempts above and just be aware; we’ve already got our sights fixed on Frugal Homie Speedshadez.

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