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Freddie Gibbs‘ thug undertones in his music are some of the most uncontested right now. While we’ve got the ‘hood billionaire’ staging his own drive bys, Gibbs is dropping unsettlingly raw video clips of the life he’s been spun through. Unfortunately, being the unfakest comes with its drawbacks.

While Gibbs was waiting in a black SUV at North St in Brooklyn at 1:13 am, a lone gunman approached and fired at him and two associates. Gibbs slipped out unscathed but his DJ reportedly suffered a leg wound and the other passenger sustained a hand injury. They are  in a stable condition at Bellevue hospital in NY. No arrests have been made.

A few hours later, Gibbs posted on Instagram “Yep. Still Livin. Thanks NYC”. Guess he wasn’t kidding when he said he was the real realest.


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