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Someone get the phone away from Gucci!

Gucci Mane probably never had all his marbles. He looks like he does hard drugs, he’s attended more court proceedings than award shows, and his most recent parole violation involved ejecting a woman from a moving SUV when she refused to have sex with him.

Gucci’s latest stunt is just as entertaining as it is sad and hopeless. It takes Twitter beef to the next level by involving multiple people at once. But, before we go into that, there are a few new Gucci developments that you should know about: First of all, he’s been dropped by Atlantic Records for reasons not completely known, so he currently has no distribution deal or income. He and his manager Coach K are no longer working together. And Gucci’s imprint 1017 Brick Squad is kaput. All of these things have been confirmed by his latest Twitter rant where he calls out all the members of Brick Squad, industry people, and rappers. Then, he proceeds to say he slept with a bunch of relevant female artists, irrelevant video girls and former American Idols.

It all started with Gucci calling out former Brick Squad members like Waka Flocka Flame, who’s now looking for a new deal since Atlantic and Brick Squad are no longer a thing.

Then he came for everybody in the world, namely Nicki Minaj.

T.I. is not impressed.

Nicki Minaj fires back, even Twitter-rapping at one point and revealing that she and Tyga just turned down feature spots on Gucci’s next album last week with photographic evidence. (Note: Many of these tweets have since been deleted.)

Then Gucci said he and two other rappers ran a train on the mother of Tyga’s cub, Blac Chyna.

Tyga tweets text messages from Gucci that Tyga never responded to. Then proceeded to shit on Gucci’s career via Instagram, demoting him to Burberry from Gucci.

But Gucci is still on a roll (or lots of drugs). He wants the world to know he’s been getting it in with all the industry ladies for years; they all throw up in their mouths a little bit.

Rapper Rocko, who used to be married to R&B singer Monica, wasn’t too happy about Gucci tweeting about his ex-wife and took his beef to real life, showing up at Gucci’s home to fight or stab him.

And what’s a rap/Twitter beef that doesn’t involve Drake?

You know who’s most happy about this? Miley Cyrus.


The worst part of it all is Gucci’s grammar, which he should be embarrassed about. Reading through these tweets, you may wonder if Gucci is tweeting really quickly with T9 keyboard configuration or if he’s seriously just that illiterate. Sadly, I can confirm that Gucci Mane is a high school graduate who received a college scholarship but was kicked out when found with nine bags of crack cocaine. Oh yeah, this is Gucci’s life.

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