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Breakin’ It Down With Gumbo Music

The Sydney-via-USA duo give us the meanings behind their debut release.

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Kev Hannibal and Nate Wade are two MCs who hail from New York and North Carolina respectively, who have found themselves based in Sydney, Australia. Linking up on the other side of the globe, the pair have joined forces to create a new outfit called GUMBO Music. Equipped with classic bars, witty punchlines and skilful exchanges, the pair spit over expansive production with an effortless style. “GUMBO Music is a bridge between the U.S. and Australia, we have deep roots in both places,” Nate says. “I see us making a huge impact and adding a sense of authenticity to Australian Hip-Hop,” adds Kev.

They have just dropped their debut EP This is GUMBO Music, an exciting six-track project that reflects the duo’s musical chemistry. In celebration of the new release, we caught up with Nate and Kev to get a breakdown of the tracks on their new project.

‘This Is GUMBO’
NATE WADE: The track is an introduction to who we are. We knew we could make it as a group when we understood we could communicate, be constructive, and criticise each other—all without emotions. When you meet us, we’re totally different people but when it comes to spitting, there’s not a beat we can’t body together.
KEV HANNIBAL: The song is a conversation through rap. We’re talking about the music industry, the world, and what’s on our minds in these crazy times. You’ll see how we feed off each other’s words while expressing ourselves in our own way.

‘Past Life’
Nate: ‘Past Life’ for me is taking the position of accepting previous transgressions to build from, learn from, and push us through this journey of life. We’re all carrying our own beauty scares, yet we keep pushing on.
Kev: When I first heard the hook, it took me back to being a young man trying to maneuver through life with no guidance. I had to figure things out on my own. I made a lot of mistakes and in the process, I hurt a lot of people, took advantage of a lot of people, and was often judged. Now that I’m older, I freely admit in the song that I was wrong. I’m asking for forgiveness and I’m mature enough to admit it.

‘Can’t Deny’
Nate: This track is about that one love that no matter what, you need it and gotta have it. So you gotta put all your game together and get that lover you desire.
Kev: This song is based on me being a player and catching feelings for a woman that has everything and more. She’s the type of woman that makes you want to settle down and give it all up. I’m having a conversation with her and myself about my feelings and I can’t deny how I feel if I wanted to.

‘Don’t Be Mad’
Nate: We’re talking our shit, so ‘don’t be mad’. Don’t hate! Let people be great, smell the roses and pass it on, ‘cause that’s how we’re moving—no roadblocks.
Kev: This song is based on the things that come along with going for your dream and the people that doubt you on the road to your success. When I make it, ‘don’t be mad’ if I reciprocate that same energy when I blow up.

‘Serious’ (feat. Price and Intalekz)
NATE: This one is for the streets. Period.
KEV: Lyrical exercise, plain and simple. Bars over beats.

‘You And Me’
NATE: This is a story of falling for this fine ass shorty. I mean, we’re both sprung for real, but then we come to the epiphany that she’s playing both of us.
KEV: Based on a concept of two guys that find out that they’re dating the same girl, after having a conversation. The guys find out they’re being played.

‘All Night Long’
NATE: Summer adventures, parties, turn-ups, good times! Lots of liquor and good memories. Fellas, thank us later.
KEV: A classic remixed into a modern-day hip-hop song. This song is based on a man taking care of his women in all ways: from financial to sexual, mental and spiritual.

Follow Gumbo Music here for more and stream their new EP below.

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