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Weekly updates

Well in the wake of Frank Ocean coming out there’s been a whole lotta hype about what it means to be gay in hip hop over the past couple of weeks. While a lot of the discourse going around is intelligent, well thought out debate about the state of the industry, unfortunately there’s also been the rantings of the homophobic peanut gallery. Hate Tweets to Frank Ocean is a web service that aggregates gems that are aimed at Ocean along the lines of the following;

@EpicThoughts “Damn frank ocean Ah fag too… THIS Shit Gotta STOP”

@LomaxKidd “Gotta get this queer ass nigga Frank Ocean out of my music library”

@3Legged_Monsta  “Fag fag fag lmao JK but frank ocean is a dick in the booty ass faggot”

The site archives all the hate tweets (presumably in case any of these guys try and run for President) and gives visitors a platform to respond to them directly.

As a side note, why is Twitter the preferred medium for morons? Is it because 140 characters isn’t too mentally taxing for these guys?

Check it out here.