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New music from Doja Cat, Nia Archives, Cordae, BLP Kosher & more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world  this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.

01. Cordae - Make Up Your Mind

Cordae switches it up on ‘Make Up Your Mind’. It’s injected with a disco sound, providing dance-inducing drum patterns and vibrant piano chords. Cordae switches between ear-catching melodies and witty bars over the top, continuing to prove himself as a jack of all hip-hop trades.

02. Doja Cat - Paint The Town Red

Doja Cat’s ‘Paint The Town Red’ serves as a portrait of the way she handles fame. It finds her coming to a conclusion of “fuck it”, continuing to thrive as her authentic self through a series of rap frenzies. The track is an ode to carelessness, not in the sense of lacking productivity, but instead living your individual truth.

03. BLP Kosher - Fool's Gold

BLP Kosher is one hell of a buccaneer on ‘Fool’s Gold’. He traverses the seas of BYNX’s production, which pairs a medieval-like sample with drum patterns that crush like a cannon. He steers the ship with scattered triplet-flow flurries that slice through the mix in a sword fight that would even leave Blackbeard bouncing off the floor. It’s one of many treasures on his new project Bars Mitzvah, which you can stream now.

04. Nia Archives - Bad Gyalz

Nia Archives is a mastermind of chaos. ‘Bad Gyalz’ is an onslaught of garage, smashing you over the head with urgent drum flurries and an infectious vocal sample. Plus, the bombarding of bass throughout is enough to propel any pundit onto the dancefloor. It’s an absolute explosion.

05. M Huncho - any minute ft. Slim

Expect the expected with this latest M Huncho track, which is far from bad. He’s elevating his signature style, letting off his autotuned flows atop intense production that blasts off with every 808 drop. Slim pops in for a verse, contrasting Huncho’s groggy melodies with a stern and straightforward blitz.

06. Coupe Devil, Mog.Y - Irma Vep

Mog.Y’s channels a darker sound under his alter-ego Coupe Devil, and ‘Irma Vep’ is the perfect introduction to his new zone. The production is gloomy, and Mog.Y adds a sense of grit as he lets off a litany of bars. It’s a highlight off the first Coupe Devil EP, You’re Gonna Die On That Hill, which you can stream now.

07. lil ket, Sidney Phillips, Teether, Skratcha, Ryan Fennis, Kuya Neil - Roll With Me

‘Roll With Me’ is a massive posse cut featuring some of the best from our underground scene. Each artist uses their respective verse to unleash their unique style, including the deep-voiced wooziness of Teether and the earworm autotune of Sidney Phillips. The beat, produced by Kuya Neil, pairs rattling hi-hats and thumping bass with sombre guitars, providing the perfect backdrop for this barrage.

08. Giggs - Mandem ft. Diddy

Is there much better than hearing Giggs rap? That low menacing voice has been a staple for as long as we can remember. Yet, he still seems to be stepping it up with his latest track, ‘Mandem’, effortlessly flowing over the eerie trap production with heavy flexes, references to Excalibur and a myriad of other sword-like rap slices. Not to mention, Diddy finishes things off with some spoken word soliloquies, transporting you to his world of luxury. It’s one chaotic banger.

09. GLAD - Dragonfruit

GLAD’s ‘Dragonfruit’ shares nothing in common with the food its named after. There’s no mild taste, as the upcoming prospect bombards with lines that are rich in the flavours of flex. There are no soft textures, as the tones of the horrorabel’s production bellow with dense 808s. Removing ‘fruit’ from the title serves as a more apt description of this track because GLAD is breathing fire.

010. By Storm/Injury Reserve - Double Trio

By Storm serves as the next chapter in the journey of Injury Reserve’s Ritchie with a T and Parker Corey. They reveal this new project to us with ‘Double Trio’, a song that sounds like the unravelling of the new universe these talents are occupying. They provide a picturesque pandemonium throughout, with Parker Corey delivering cascades of jazzy loops that flood the terrain. Ritchie raps as if he’s at the summit of a mountain, narrating the changing ecosystems of this song’s world while simultaneously reflecting on its past states. The introduction to By Storm is nothing short of a blockbuster.