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New music from D-Block Europe, 21 Savage, Zia Jade, Teezo Touchdown and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week for January 12, 2024. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.


01. Zia Jade - SAFE ft. ZPLUTO

Zia Jade’s ‘SAFE’ is a banger dedicated to breakups. It explores the complicated feelings and scenarios you have to maneuver through in the demise of romance. There’s a sombre fatigue in Zia’s voice, communicating how tired she is of the stress in this situation. ZPLUTO handles the other side, amplifying the chaotic emotions that come with separation via emphatic croons. It’s catchy and cathartic.

02. D-Block Europe - Eagle ft. Noizy

The hook absolutely soars on D-Block Europe’s ‘Eagle’. The glossy trap production meshes perfectly with the icey autotuned melodies, immediately solidifying itself as a future singalong. Albania’s Noizy slides in for a verse here, barraging through his bars with a standout deep cadence. It appears on D-Block’s new album Rolling Stone, which you can stream now.

03. Teezo Touchdown - Third Coast

There are three

There are three phases to ‘Third Coast’. It starts off as a sleek Texas rap song, with Teezo flowing over keys that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Mike Jones album. It switches into a summer-soaked section of g-funk, where catchy vocal inflections shine over warm synths and smooth basslines. The song reaches its conclusion, morphing into moments of bubbly R&B, with Teezo’s rasp resonating throughout passionate croons. The end result is a triumphant showcase of talent.

04. serpentwithfeet - Safe Word

serpentwithfeet’s ‘Safe Word’ is a stark contrast from the cyberpunk club music atmosphere of his last single ‘Damn Gloves’. Here, he transports us into a world of euphoric R&B, exploring the beauty of trust found within intimacy. His falsetto vocal lines tip-toe atop snappy drum patterns and some sensual acoustic guitars. It feels quiet in its execution, but loud in its emotional resonance. It’s slated to appear on serpentwithfeet’s upcoming album GRIP, which drops on February 16th.

05. 21 Savage - n.h.i.e. ft. Doja Cat

21 is here to make the Summer a little more savage with American Dream, his latest studio album which also doubles as a soundtrack for an upcoming biopic of the same name. An instant highlight is ‘n.h.i.e’, which finds the Atlanta rapper a little more laid back than usual. The production has an airy jazz sample travelling atop classic trap drum patterns, making this one a mellow head bop. 21 is joined by Doja Cat here, who brings her oddball style for a sleek verse, but also adds some background vocals throughout to enhance the song’s haunting feel. It’s an eerie cut, and a great entry point into 2024’s first blockbuster release.


06. Lil Nas X - J CHRIST

Lil Nas X’s ‘J CHRIST’ is what we’ve come to expect from this megastar, in all the best ways. He brings us high-energy raps on the verses and a bellowing chorus that’s bound to incite people around the world to sing in unison. The production blasts off with gargantuan bass and catches your ear with simple but satisfying keys. This one, like most of Lil Nas X’s songs, is destined for arenas.


07. House Of Pharaohs - New Era ft. JME

This new House of Pharaohs track is in your face from the get-go. It revels in the sounds of classic grime, with sharp drum smashes and distorted bass ready to send your subwoofer into the stratosphere. There’s no one more fitting for this atmosphere than the legend JME, who catapults into the mix with his signature, animated rap style. The HOP boys follow suit, bringing their own distinctive styles, designed to get a crowd jumping. This single absolutely slaps.

08. r.em.edy - I'm Fine

‘I’m Fine’ is a story of two worlds. One is rich with atmospheric keys that act as a canvas for r.em.edy’s howls, the other is a rapidly-changing landscape, formed by flurries of drum and bass patterns. There’s a sense of melancholy in the singer’s warbles, armoured by the words “I’m fine.” The worlds r.em.edy creates here is an example of the emotional depth in her music, and the musical versatility she possesses when it comes time to delve.

09. TiaCorine - Yung Joc ft. Luh Tyler

On ‘Yung Joc’, TiaCorine and Luh Tyler bring flex-heavy bars in frenzies. They let off quick-hitting triplet flow combos atop some dreamy synths and mortar-like 808s. It’s a straightforward dose of trap, elevated by the personality of these two prospects.


010. Moses, TAKTiX - Next Up Australia S1E1

Legendary music platform Mixtape Madness have solidified itself as a staple tastemaker throughout the UK and Europe, propelling the latest prospects in the rap scene with its series ‘Next Up?’ Now, they’ve made their way down under to shine a light on the best bars coming out of Australia. The first episode, which you can watch now, features Moses & TAKTIX, who waste no time brining their high-octane style to the microphone. The wordplay is witty, the flows are swagger-rich, and the end result is fire.