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Fresh tracks from A$AP Rocky, Kelela, KVKA, The Kid LAROI and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. A$AP Rocky – Same Problems?

A$AP Rocky’s ‘Same Problems’ is an ode to fallen friends. It boasts a massive production list, with the likes of Tyler, The Creator and Thundercat contributing to this satisfyingly stripped back atmosphere, consisting of lurking basslines, fluttering keys, and background vocals from Lil Yachty and Miguel. ASAP Rocky sings softly over this one, delving into the treacherous roads of grief in what his one of his most vulnerable performances yet. It’s not what you expect from Flacko, but the surprise is one that thrives.

02. Kedus - Schmood

Kedus opens his new EP Moments in the Blur with ‘Schmood’, a low-key cut that introduces you to the soulful tones of the Brisbane prospects’ artistry. The beat is laid back, allowing plenty of room for Kedus’ vocals to take centre stage, and command the space with raspy, ear-catching melodies. His croons create a romantic atmosphere, making this track quintessential for your late-night drive playlist.

03. Eem Triplin - WALKED IN

‘WALKED IN’ is a walk off KO. The sub-bass is a gut punch, with snappy snares, rattling hi-hats, and thumping kicks blasting off in combos. Contrasting this is Eem Triplin’s energy, as he lets off ear-catching flows as if this was some sort of rap sparring session. This track is an easy day in the squared circle for this prospect, but the final product is a crushing blow.

04. The Kid LAROI - I Can't Go Back To The Way It Was (Intro)

Reflections and self-discovery rages throughout The Kid LAROI’s latest single ‘I Can’t Go Back To The Way It Was (Intro)’. Treated as our first immediate introduction to the artist’s upcoming album, we hear LAROI sing soulfully over synths, keys and a dominating drum loop towards the end of the track, as backing harmonies help him sort through the grievances he holds with his new normal. It’s a short but impactful launch into this new era of LAROI’s artistry, and we look forward to diving into it all as more music comes.

05. Kelela - Contact

Kelela’s ‘Contact’ is a sensual and hypnotising track that takes you from pre-drinks to the club, then back home before sunrise. Her smooth vocals and steamy lyricism invite you into the walls of a packed nightclub as the breakbeat forces you to move your body. Each single the enigmatic artist releases comes alongside a deep dive into a fusion of soul, alternative R&B and 90s rave culture, and we’re very eager to see what her forthcoming album in February will bring.

06. Kali Uchis - I Wish You Roses

Making amends and moving with love is the calling on Kali Uchis’ ‘I Wish You Roses’. On this song, she gives her flowers to those she wishes to release from her life through hazy vocals, and a dream-pop production sound. With a lot of heartbreak and loss anthems built on sadness and vengeance, Uchis turns a new leaf and uses this song as a catalyst for growth and healing, as she compares the fragility around her relationships to the very petals she hopes to pass on as a token of appreciation. Packaged within its nuances, this track is destined to stay on repeat this Valentines Day.

07. Jay1 - Loose (Australian Remix) ft. Babyface Mal, Day1

JAY1 has delivered a slew of international remixes for his 2022 highlight single ‘Loose’. An instant highlight is this Australian reimagining, where Day1 opens the track with a clean array of bars, and Babyface Mal closes things out dropping off-kilter flows and thriving in his infectious energy. Both match the signature catchiness of JAY1’s slick rap style, and foreshadow a near-by future where their popularity increases in frenzies.

08. BAD GRAMMAR – Death Zero

As soon as the guitar loop starts, you know ‘Death Zero’ is traversing into banger territory. Of course, it delivers, with trap drum patterns persisting and BAD GRAMMAR letting off an energetic smorgasbord of scattered flows. One minute he’s crash landing in with triplet flows, just to let the beat induce a head-bopping hypnosis later. This upcomer continues to consistently impress.

09. KVKA - Scrape The Pot

KVKA’s creativity shines on ‘Scrape The Pot’. An eerie Memphis trap beat bellows in the background as the rapper seamlessly smashes through a variety of different vocal tunings, whipping out a Delusional Thomas-esque high pitch and a baritone akin to Lil Ugly Mane. Where things get moshpit ready is in the second half, where KVKA’s bars barrage through, and he erupts into roaring triplet flows. It’s one of two hard-hitting tracks he just released in the form of Test Press: 2.

010. Biig Piig - In The Dark

‘In The Dark’ is a pop track ready for arenas. The instrumental starts off subtle, before building in a massive chorus where reverberated guitars howl. Biig Piig’s performance is consistently calm, with her soft but soothing voice gliding atop the versatile production. This track serves as the closer for new project Bubblegum, which you can stream now,