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New music from Big Skeez, Tkay Maidza, YNG Martyr, Mali Jo$e & more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world  this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.

01. Tkay Maidza x Flume - Silent Assassin

Tkay Maidza delivers a frenzy of bars on ‘Silent Assassin’. She’s smooth with her delivery, sneaking lyrical flurries into the mix with ninjitstu-like swiftness. Flume handles the beat for this one, supporting Tkay’s blockbuster barrages with distorted bass punches and his signature wonky synths.

02. Mali Jo$e - TAKE A BREATH ft. OJC43

Mali continues his 2023 hot streak with ‘TAKE A BREATH’. He does what he’s being doing all year: rapping really, really good. But this time, his rapid-fire flows are flourishing atop some breakbeats courtesy of OJC43, with every flurry of drums propelling the fire raps right to the dance floor.

03. Gabriel LCR - WEST CONNECT

‘WEST CONNECT’ is another example of Gabriel LCR’s versatility. Cloudy keys float throughout the production, contrasted by the noisy distortion of sub-bass and DnB-style drum patterns. Gabriel switches between airy melodies and quick rap flurries throughout, catching your ear with every line. It’s a unique track that takes you on a journey through mellow terrain but with high-octane movement.

04. Big Skeez - Go Back Home

Big Skeez’s latest track documents his goal of returning back to Africa, after years of living away. Every note he hits is rich with passion, showcasing determination throughout his storytelling and effortlessly expressing himself to the fast tempo of the amapiano production. This song is an ode to the fact that home is where the heart is.

05. Ms. Thandi - Get To Know Me

Ms. Thandi is as smooth as ever on ‘Get To Know Me’. Her howling vocals float atop warm keys in the verses before culminating in the sway-inducing sweet sounds of the house production on the chorus. It’s a track that glides by but for sure will get stuck in your head.

06. DoloRRes - Per Ben O Per Mal

DoloRRes is weird as hell in the best way possible, and ‘Per Ben O Per Mal’ is another example of the peculiar genius this prospect possesses. Moody synth layers spiral throughout the track, catapulted by some bellowing bass and snappy snares throughout. DoloRRes is crooning over the top in Italian, with autotune adding a layer of wooziness, and passion oozing through the mix. It’s different, and it’s definitely hittin’.


Sollyy brings the beat and the raps on this new track, and the result is gargantuan. His witty bars and shouty delivery pair with brooding basslines and West Coast-esque whistling synths, creating an atmosphere that’s both high energy and laid back. ‘COUNTRY BOSS’ sounds like one of the scene’s best, bringing Sydney to San Andreas.

08. YNG Martyr - Frostbite

YNG Martyr is belting out melodies on ‘Frostbite’. He sings of a complicated romance, communicating the sadness of the situation throughout his raspy warbles. Every line is supported by vibrant acoustic guitar loops, making this one leap into earworm territory.

09. Babyface Mal x Nerve - Tramp

On ‘Tramp’, Mal and Nerve tackle a beat that feels handpicked from the early-to-mid 2000s. Thumping kicks stomp the yard, and big brass horns blast throughout as this dynamic duo get braggadocious with their bars. It sounds like something you’d hear in a scene from Entourage or an old DJ Clue mixtape but enhanced by two of Australia’s best.

010. Sloe Jack - BRAIN ROT

This latest Sloe Jack single is satisfyingly straightforward. Evey yelp he delivers is reminiscent of a young Zach de la Rocha and set the tune of some crunchy basslines and punchy drum smashing. ‘BRAIN ROT’ is designed to blast at its loudest, and for the destruction of a moshpit.