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New music from Young Thug, Maina Doe, Billymaree, Eco$ystem and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Jewel Owusu - Hurts ft. Sophie DeMasi

Jewel Owusu and Sophie DeMasi unite in an atmosphere of euphoric pop on ‘Hurts’. Soulful vocals soar over the top of some sombre production, which pairs airy synths with some fast-moving drum patterns. It’s a vulnerable track that delves into the complications often found in romance, but still communicates them in a way that’s bound to incite head bops.

02. Young Thug - Hoodie ft. BSlime & Lil Gotit

There’s nothing better than some new Young Thug. This track ‘Hoodie’ is what you’ve come to expect from the Atlanta legend, mixing woozy melodies with scattered flows that are bound to get you bouncing. He effortlessly slides over production from Metro Boomin and Southside alongside BSlime and Lil Gotit, who still hold their own in the company of a gargantuan force. It’s a highlight on Jeffery’s new album Business is Business, which you can stream now.

03. Maina Doe - LET HER BE

Despite Winter Solstice just passing, Maina Doe has come through with a Summer anthem. Her raspy melodies glide over the top of smooth keys and fast-moving drums, making this track one that you’re destined to dance to.

04. Julia Lostrom - High Vibrations

Julia Lostrom delivers R&B perfectly suited to the icy airs down here right now. It’s laid back, with synths pulsating in the distance and a dousing of reverb to truly set the mellow mood. Julia’s passionate warbles tell a tale of love’s lustful moments, navigating the sounds of the instrumental in the sleekest of manners.

05. Eco$ystem - Counterfeit

The song may be called ‘COUNTERFEIT’, but Eco$ystem has a real hit on his hands with this one. Drill drum patterns set a high octane level of energy immediately, which the Melbourne rapper approaches with hyped flows and some woozy inflections. It’s quick, but it crushes.

06. Too Birds - Black Knight Croatia

Too Birds feel like they’re flying through an apocalyptic world on this new track. Teether’s brooding flow soars over the top of some distorted bass and chaotic samples courtesy of Mr Society. Realname’s presence is like a call-to-arms for the moshpit, with his energetic cadence accentuating the booming drum patterns of this journey. It’s an enticing display of pulsating pandemonium.

07. Meghna - Pacifist Philosophy

Meghna is simply popping off on this new track. Vibrant synths loop over the top of some rattling hi-hats and poignant 808s. The singer mixes the bouncy flows of a top-tier rapper with the elegance of a classic R&B songstress. It’s a bop that you’re bound to add to your weekend playlist.

08. Lil Tjay - June 22nd

Lil Tjay’s latest single is a strong showcase of his vulnerability. He reflects on the adversity he faced in the near fatality of a shooting he fell victim to a year ago, delving into the paranoia and struggles he’s faced in the wake of the situation. He uses these trials and tribulations as fuel on this song, resulting in a frenzy of bars delivered with  a confidence that symbolises how far he’s come since. It’s an admirable amount of honesty Lil Tjay has harnessed here to create a bonafide banger.

09. DSP - 2 MANY MEN ft. Shely210

After a standout feature on Kuda’s ‘Melanin’ last week, DSP is striking the iron while it’s hot with ‘2 Many Men’. Groove-rich basslines propel his baritone cadence as he toggles through a variety of flows with ease. Shely210 drops in for a vehement verse here as well, and both prospects punctuate the track with a barrage of back-and-forth bars as the anthem closes.

010. Billymaree - U&ME

Billymaree’s unique voice ascends in the classic R&B atmosphere of ‘U&ME’. The rasp of every melody she delivers enhances the rollercoaster of romance this song details, which is set to the tune of some warming synth pads. It appears on her new project BETTER LEFT UNSAID, which you can stream now.