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New music from Pinkpantheress, Don Toliver, Bayang, Becca Hatch and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Pinkpantheress - I must apologise

2021 standout Pinkpantheress continues her unique sound on ‘I must apologise’. Bubbly synths and DnB patterns fill the song’s duration, sounding like a Nintendo Switch DJing a nightclub. Pinkpatheress’ vocals soar over the top, crooning critiques about someone lying repetitiously. It’s slated to appear on her debut mixtape To hell with it, out October 15th. 

02. Becca Hatch - Safety

This new Becca Hatch song is a gradual build into euphoria. Somber guitars strum in the background alongside reverberated vocal samples, before erupting into a heavy 2-step shuffle and a groove-rich bassline. Hatch’s vocals are as soulful as ever, as she passionately sings about a love interest being her safety net. It’s a journey through low-key R&B, before hitting the summit of a bonafide anthem. 

03. Bayang (tha Bushranger) & Ryan Fennis - Izzit?! ft. Jamaica Moana

The foundation for ‘IZZIT?!’ sounds like a futuristic rave, as producer Ryan Fennis polymerises gong hits, sharp synths, and heavy bass to create a unique soundscape. Dharug-based rapper Bayang snaps over the top, tackling the off-kilter tempo with fiery, triplet flows. Jamaica Moana matches the set energy of their verse, coming in high-octane and letting bars off in a rapid fashion. It’s ready to raise club roofs and showcases a very special slice of the underground.

04. Don Toliver - Flocky Flocky ft. Travis Scott

Don Toliver’s sophomore album Life of a Don is finally here, and a song you’re going to want to flock to is ‘Flocky Flocky’. It’s Don and La Flame in prime form, letting off woozy, autotuned melodies over the sounds of trap drum patterns, eerie keys, and a Latin-influenced guitar sample courtesy of Cardo, Dez Wright, and Mu Lean. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and this duo sounds as fresh as when their signature styles came off the shelf. 

05. Jaecy - Break Bread

Western Sydney rapper Jaecy gets personal on this new track ‘Break Bread’. With bouncy production, sun-soaked synths and a poignant kick drum. Dipping into an emotive, melodic bag serving shades of Common Sense era J Hus, Jaecy spits about changing relationships and his struggles, contrasting his usual flex-heavy swagger and showcasing a new side of his artistry. 

06. Milan Ring - Pick Me Up ft. Jean Deaux

Thumping sub-bass and atmospheric synths create a luxurious feel on ‘Pick Me Up’, the latest track from Milan Ring. It tackles the themes of beauty and confidence, which are emphasised through Milan’s unique yet undeniably melodies. Chicago rapper Jean Deaux features here, providing witty bars and a playful delivery. It’s slated to appear on Milan Ring’s upcoming album I’m Feeling Hopeful, out December 3rd. 

07. 3K - Defibrillator

‘Defibrillator’ finds the 3K boys switching it up. Benny Lago’s atmospheric production consists of spacious synths and heavy 808s, creating a sound bed for Beluga and Eissa to float on, with on-point flows and lyrics that delve into their vulnerabilities in an introspective manner. It’s a sign of the artistic evolution we can expect to see on their upcoming EP City of Fever, which drops soon. 

08. Koffee - West Indies

“Coming from the West Indies and we giving them the best indeed,” Koffee sings on this new single, which rings true to the statement. It’s a vibrant dose of dancehall, with revels in the party-ready sounds of bright synths and rattling shakers. Koffee seamlessly switches from ear-catching flows to smooth melodies throughout, paying ode to the gleeful sounds of the Caribbean. 

09. Srisha - Without You

‘Without You’ exists in the ecstasy of acceptance. It’s about approaching reality without specific people or experiences, articulated by Srisha’s falsettos that howl with sounds of grandeur. Ariel Blum handles the production, pairing analog drums and jangling guitars behind the West-Sydney songstress’ soliloquies. 

010. Ceeko - Mental ft. DHEM

Ceeko harnesses the vintage sounds of early 2000s R&B on ‘Mental’, but the vulnerability he showcases is that of his own. DHEM handles the production, mixing the timeless sound of silky keys with modern hit-hats and hard-hitting kicks that compliment Ceeko’s heartfelt vocal passages. The track finds the Melbourne singer reflecting on his struggles, and how he overcame them, signifying a new era in his always-developing creativity.