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New music from Brent Faiyaz, Kobie Dee, Liyah Knight and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week for October 27, 2023. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.


01. Gold Fang - Badness Issa Habit

Gold Fang brings the bars on ‘Badness Issa Habit’. His delivery is animated, changing flows and inflections throughout, increasing the energy with every switch. The production pairs wobbling sub-bass with vibrant synth hits, resulting in a track that sounds like nothing else in the scene right now.

02. Otiuh - Gone ft Drea, Charbel

Otiuh delivers some good-times rap music with this latest track. Colourful neo-soul production serves as the backbone for the duo’s sleek rap passages. Charbel and Drea drop in for appearances here as well, matching the spirited energy of the track with smooth, rap-sung sections. It’s a sun-soaked jam, perfect for the approaching Summer.

03. Kobie Dee - Father's Eyes ft. Stan Walker

Kobie Dee’s latest song is an ode to fatherhood. His vulnerability is admirable as he tells a story of his trials and tribulations and how becoming a parent helped him overcome them. Stan Walker’s soulful chorus enhances the emotion found within the song, making for a catchy confessional, rich with courageous raps.

04. serpentwithfeet - Damn Gloves ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Yanga Yaya

‘Damn Gloves’ sounds like a futuristic club anthem. The production is urgent, with thumping basslines and drums catapulting into the mix. Ominous synths occur throughout, like lasers piercing the dancefloor, which serpentwithfeet, Ty Dolla $ign, and Yanga Yaya maneuver with airy melodies. It’s a pulsating bop.

05. Brent Faiyaz - Outside All Night ft. N3WYRKLA, A$AP Rocky

‘Outside All Night’ is a luscious R&B anthem. His raspy melodies are enhanced by elegant strings in the background, creating a soothing atmosphere. N3WYRKLA”s howling voice appears throughout, adding to the laid-back ambience. ASAP Rocky also drops in for a verse, effortlessly flowing atop some bouncy drum patterns. It appears on Brent’s new mixtape, Larger Than Life, which you can stream now.

06. UNO Stereo - PASSENGERS ft. Liyah Knight

UNO Stereo’s ‘PASSENGER’ is a dose of moody R&B. His production is dense, with poignant basslines looming in the low-end and an assortment of atmospheric synths floating in the mix. Liyah Knight assumes vocal duties here, commanding the track with gentle melodies. It’s laid-back and undeniably beautiful.

07. Rema - DND

On ‘DND’, REMA assumes a role fit to complete any campaign. He wields the sounds of some intense afrobeat, casting smooth melodies powerful enough to catch anyone in a spell of dance. It’s a highlight of his new EP RAVAGE, which you can stream now.

08. Mariah The Scientist - Ride ft. Young Thug

Mariah The Scientist and Young Thug’s ‘Ride’ is a stripped back ballad. Jangly guitars support both artists melodies, making it sound reminiscent of the Beautiful Thugger Girls era. It’s a sincere song about love, and a calming closer to Mariah The Scientist’s new album To Be Eaten Alive, which you can stream now.

09. George Riley - Satisfy You

On ‘Satisfy You’ George Riley’s vocals are reminiscent of classic early 2000s R&B. Her vocals are fervent and warm as she sings about the ecstasy found in romance. Production-wise, however, this track is wild, with massive synths swarming the mix in flurries and scattered percussion, capturing a club-ready energy. It’s different, and we like that on this side.

010. Boy Ace - NIAGRA ft. Figuero Jones

Boy Ace’s ‘NIAGRA’ is a whirlpool of wooziness. The production is ambient, with swirling synths and a reverb-drenched atmosphere, while feeling ready for a night out, with bouncy drum patterns almost reminiscent of prime DJ Mustard. Boy Ace and Figuero Jones form a dynamic duo vocally, with both bringing ear-catching autotuned melodies and a sense of swagger.