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New music from Pa Salieu, Fousheé, ENNY, 3K, OHGEESY and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist too, it’s updated every Friday.

01. Pa Salieu - Glidin ft. slowthai

Pa Salieu kickstarts his 2021 output with a bang on this new single. A menacing bassline, ominous synths, and rattling drums set the tone for Pa Salieu’s flows as he (no pun intended) glides over the instrumental with his ear-catching cadence and vibrant creativity. Featuring on the song is fellow UK oddball Slowthai, whose stern voice commands the tempo of the beat, and cuts through with the utmost confidence. It’s an enormous track, bound to make any festival crowd bellow.

02. 3K - Smackdown

Here comes the pain, because this new single from 3K hits harder than Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver. The Melbourne rap group form like Evolution here, trading bars of braggadocio over a beat that blends the tempo of West Coast hip-hop, with the grit of modern-day trap. ‘Smackdown’ is a Money in The Bank win for the boys, but this isn’t a brief case of success, as they set the tone for what’s looking to be a strong 2021.

03. Fousheé - My Slime

Fousheé’s ‘My Slime’ is a ballad that builds and blossoms into territories of euphoria over its 3-minute duration. Lyrically, she gushes over a newfound crush, finding contentment and ambition in the unconditional love of this new romance. The music reflects that, as shoegaze-esque guitars jangle in the background, and her breathy vocals layer in blissful harmony, crashing atop of each other like ocean waves. It appears on her debut project Time Machine, which is out now.

04. ENNY - I Want

ENNY brings those summer feels to our solemn Winter with this track. Its warm, four-to-floor Paya-produced instrumental radiates like the sun with its shimmering chords and thumping sub-bass, creating the perfect backdrop for the South East London rapper’s smooth delivery and sung melodies. It’s a motivating track that’s bound to get you eager for the weekend. 

05. OHGHEESY - Get Fly ft. DaBaby

OHGEESY continues to solidify himself as a solo artist with this new single. The production, courtesy of DA Doman, pairs the classic sounds of LA rap with Latin-inspired guitars, creating a feeling that’s ready for any party frenzy. OHGEESY slides over the beat with an effortless swagger, which is followed by a poignant, unique DaBaby verse that proves he can tackle any tempo. It’s set to appear on OHGEESY’s solo debut GEEZYWORLD, slated to drop soon.

06. Kwengface - Tetley

You don’t need to read into the tea leaves to know Kwengface’s ‘Tetley’ is a banger. It’s apparent as soon as the beat drops. Over a loud orchestra of synths and 808s, the South London rapper soars with impassioned bars, as if he hasn’t proven already that he’s one of the best in the UK drill scene. The fire in which Kwengface is spitting boils hotter than the kettle water, and overflows with too much confidence to encapsulate in a cup. ‘Tetley’, is a testament to the talent of this rapidly rising prospect.

07. SWIDT - Seize The Day ft. Savage

Aotearoa rap group SWIDT is here to make a statement with their new single ‘Seize The Day’, a small taste of their sophomore album dropping later this year. The beat features an orchestral sample that feels as if it came right out of Skyrim, as Spycc and INF rap as if they’re leading the Stormcloaks to war against the Imperials. A hook from NZ legend Savage feels like the call of the Dragonborn and beckons this song to traverse into full banger territory. It’s loud, anthemic, and a necessary listen this Friday afternoon. 

08. Arrdee - Oliver Twist

ArrDee’s debut single ‘Oliver Twist’ is a fast, ferocious opening statement to stand out in the jam-packed UK music scene. The Brighton rapper’s fiery bars are rich with hunger, as he conquers in the pocket of gliding 808s, grand synths, and an in-your-face drill tempo. We’re asking now: Please sir, can we have some more?

09. Masked Wolf - Gravity Glidin

The astronaut himself stops floating on ‘Gravity Glidin’ and finds his footing at a frantic pace. The NSW viral superstar feels as if he has a point to prove here, switching through fast, fiery flows and brash bars over a minimalist, sub-heavy beat that gives the rapper the room to talk his shit. He made his name in the ocean, and now he’s riding the wave into a new territory of wonder. 

010. Q - If You Care

Q creates a smooth atmosphere of soul in his new song ‘Closer’. The South Florida R&B wizard flexes his falsetto backed by vintage drum breaks and underwater guitar chords, as he toggles through the feelings of being loved from a distance. A comparison to Prince immediately comes to mind as his voice flourishes in vibrance, but Q’s unique approach to balladry puts him in a league of his own.