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Today is Nicki Minaj’s birthday and, man, has she had a hell of a year. Having dropped her most recent album The Pinkprint almost an entire year ago, to the day, which she has since taken on a lucrative world tour; she’s gone through a very public break-up and even more public new romance with the now infamous Meek Mill (who arguably had an entirely opposite kind of year); and to cap it all off, she’s just scored three Grammy nominations. There was no doubt that Onika was going to have a good 2015, despite whatever other drama might eventuate (see: rap beef, pop princess beef, etc.), and she was certainly gearing us all up for it with the release of her 2015 calendar. Dropping around this time last year, the calendar features 12 months of Nicki in all her body-positive glory (like, actually, a lot of them are basically nude). Wonder whether this encouraged Meek to pursue her all those months ago? Take a look at some of Nicki’s monthly spreads above. HBD, Nicki!

Weekly updates