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While we patiently wait for Straight Outta Compton to hit theatres on August 14, Ice Cube dropped by Power 99 FM in Philadelphia to discuss the forthcoming biopic and further fuel the hype train surrounding the film. Mentioning that an N.W.A. reunion tour is “definitely possible”, in the same breath he also suggested that Dr. Dre will be releasing a soundtrack “inspired” by the film on August 1st.

The film’s director, F. Gary Grayspoke about the soundtrack earlier this month, explaining that it was “insane”, and boasts features from both Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. Cube was perhaps a bit hasty in his excitement however, as Rolling Stone had a number of sources confirm that the date would not actually see a release of the new material. Rather, with Dr. Dre’s next appearance on Beats 1 Radio set for the same date that Cube mentioned, we can probably guess that we’ll hear something about it, or from it, on his Pharmacy show (and Australian audiences can tune in to that at 8AM on Sunday August 2).

Knowing Dre’s perfectionism, we can very possibly expect this to be a fully-fledged, sequenced project, much like Jay-Z’s American Gangster companion soundtrack. Infamous for their speculation, fans over at the KanyeToThe forums have suggested a few in-studio Instagram posts give us an insight into possible further collaborations on the soundtrack, including Snoop Dogg, T.I., Kurupt and Warren G.

While it’s certainly exciting news, at this point we’ve all hopefully trained ourselves to expect less or nothing when the words “Dr. Dre” and “new music” are mentioned in the same sentence—at the very least, let’s hope we can be pleasantly surprised this time. Check the full interview in the gallery above.


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