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Jade Zoe is a Melbourne expat who currently calls London home. If you are from Melbourne, then you’re probably mates with her, and if you’re not – then perhaps you caught one of her sets at the now deceased monthly hip-hop party, Favela Rock. Outside of hip-hop, Jade Zoe favours rap, r&b, trap, house and the genre now known as Drake. Beyond London’s party circuit, you can find her modelling for various online look books or obsessively using Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.¬†Jade Zoe’s effortless street style and all round posi vibe makes her the ultimate #WCW. ILY Jade Zoe!

Listen to the Nails Nailz Nailz mix here.

Listen to The Babes Mixtape here.

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2/3/14 – Femtop #1 @ Dalston Superstore

6/3/14 – Wu-Tang is for the Children @ Londonnewcastle Project Space

8/3/14 – Wild hearts @ 93 feet east


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