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Mess Kid is a Latvia-born, Detroit-raised, New York–based, DJ and producer. Mess Kid is down with music, making beats and playing vinyl – he’s not too fazed about all the hype. Maybe it’s this laid back attitude that has been working for him, because he’s had the nod of approval from the likes of Alexander Wang, Balenciaga and DKNY. Mess Kid has toured the world twice over with Le1f, but he’s not just Le1f’s DJ. It’s easy to get lost in translation when you’re transitioning between time zones, so let me put it in layman’s terms, just so we’re clear: Mess Kid isn’t on the come-up – he’s already looking at you top-down. And he ain’t worried about nothin’.

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Catch Mess Kid w/ Le1f

H/A\M @ Arq Nightclub, Sydney

Meredith Music Festival




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Eric Johnson

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