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What’s an award show without a little controversy? And the MTV awards have some weird way of attracting the best kind of controversy. The recent MTV Europe Music Awards was staged in Amsterdam (red flag number one), featuring some of the famous (and infamous) faces of today’s pop music scene, including Aussie ex pat, rapper and fan of the bold fashion choice, Iggy Azalea.

Looking smokin’ on the black carpet, Iggy proved that even a long black gown is risqué when your skirt is completely sheer and has slits all the way up to your waistband. While adjusting herself, Iggy parted a little more than just the skirt, which was obviously captured by the ever-watchful and unforgiving paparazzi lens.

I don’t know whether it’s because I’m a chick or if I spend too long trolling through photos of boobs and booty in this job, but I’m not really that shocked by even the uncensored pictures. And Iggy seems to be on the same page (even though she’s also refuting that it’s actually her side vag) reposting the ‘graphic’ snap on her Instagram account with the caption:

“If you think this involves my vag lips your mistaken
And yeah I’m posting it just to let you know I don’t give a fuck about a bikini line and the line that joins my ass to my leg. Enjoy…”

I have a funny feeling that this is not going to have too much of a detrimental effect on her character. If you’ve got it…

[Images via Iggy Azalea]