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Inside Lil Xan’s ‘TOTAL XANARCHY’ listening party

What went down at the album's first listen

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Crowds pulled up in Melbourne last night to get a first listen of Lil Xan’s debut album Total Xanarchy. The record showcased the duality and multiple sides of not just Lil Xan but also Diego Leanos, the man behind the moniker. Personal and engaging, the music inspired intrigue and discourse amongst the crowd. Projected visuals washed the room through depictions of Lil Xan while the crowd digested his work. The night featured DJ sets from Hvncoq, Jarman, and Shelley who seamlessly transitioned banger after banger before and after the album’s debut.

The Total Xanarchy listening party acted as a culmination of all of Lil Xan’s hard work up to this moment. The album’s ability to transition through different styles of trap and rap is enough to silence the naysayers, and prove his lasting power in the ever growing hip-hop scene. Judging by the reactions of the audience last night, it seems like Lil Xan is here to stay.

You can listen to Lil Xan’s debut album Total Xanarchy right now here.

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