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One of my fondest childhood memories is building brick mansions in my bedroom with tiny plastic pieces while I curated epic tales of heroics involving little yellow men. Lego meant the world to me and I’m sure many others have shared similar experiences, especially now that they’ve incorporated games, films, and all manner of content into a brickified pastiche of plastic wonder.

Now, could you imagine what it would’ve been like to have ODB, Questlove, or Action Bronson drop into your play kit? Three designers have envisioned just that and are illustrating their favourite rappers as Lego minifigs on their Instagram account HiphopbricksThe project makes for some interesting interpretations with some of the rappers being instantly recognisable and others curiously ambiguous. Just to be safe, we’ve thrown in subtitles on each interpretation so you know who’s who. Peep it above.

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