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Weekly updates

Today was a very important day in culture for two reasons. First, a computer program posing as a 13-year old Ukranian boy called Eugene Goostman allegedly tricked a panel of experts into believing he was, in fact, a real boy – and therefore became the first AI program to successfully pass the Turing test. Secondly,  Waka Flocka Flame teamed up with Flosstradamus and dropped ‘TTU (Too Turnt Up)’ and have defined an entire generation of molly-water chugging EDM warriors in one song. While many are concerned that the accomplishments of Eugene may herald the end of days, and a gradual slide into a Matrix / Terminator kind of computer revolution situation – I’m of the opinion that it’s the repercussions of Flockstradamus that we should he worried about. So naturally we got in touch with Eugene to get his thoughts on the new trap jam, which you can learn more about at its premiere over at Rolling Stone.

You can also have your own chat with Eugene at his website.