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Weekly updates

As any great hip-hop producer knows, the samples you create for your beats are all about the records you collect on your travels. Legendary beat maker J Dilla was known for having one of the biggest and most unique collections of vinyl in the game, so when an opportunity like this arises, you best get to steppin’! Ma Dukes, the mother of J Dilla, is now releasing bits and pieces from her late son’s archives to the general public, here’s what you get with each purchase:

1) A signed and numbered certificate from Maureen Yancey (Ma Dukes) stating the LP record you will receive is from J Dilla’s personal collection.

2) An LP originally bought by Dilla (on one of his many crate diggin’ expeditions) still in the loose bag Dilla put all his records in. None of the records have been cleaned or checked for defects. You will receive it just as it was in Dilla’s collection, possible writing on covers, old price tags, fingerprints and all.

While the first batch have all sold out, check out the online/eBay store for a chance to get a piece of hip-hop history for yourself.