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There’s been a lot of buzz around Jhene Aiko lately. Besides the fact that she’s an absolute babe (while still being totally adorable), her breathy vocals have graced the hit tracks of some of rap’s most relevant and then there are, of course, those dating rumours – involving Drake and Donald Glover, no less. Does it sound like I’m girl-crushing yet?

In her latest high-profile editorial feature, Miss Aiko posed for men’s title GQ and gave the fellas a little insight into what it takes to impress her. Hint: if you’re not a wasteful, showy douchebag, you might get a second look. Further proving why she is everyone’s ideal boo, she adds “I probably smoke twice a week and have no problem sleeping for ten hours.” Jackpot.

Check out the images from her feature above and read more on GQ.