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Kanye took some time out from fashion, music, and art yesterday to check out some new tech at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Many expressed their surprise on social media, but is it really such an unexpected revelation that a guy like Kanye is into a technologically emergent field like video games? He’s constantly expanding his own definition of himself as an artist and has previously voiced enthusiasm towards creating an iPhone game about Donda West so we know games have been in his peripheral for at least a short while.

According to Twitter and Reddit commentary, Kanye spent a big portion of his time at the Microsoft and EA booths. At Microsft he played Halo 5 and he even got the chance to check out the future, playing Minecraft on Microsoft’s HoloLens. He was apparently entranced by the immersive gameplay experience–no points for a correct guess as to what North’s Christmas present will be this year.

At the EA booth, Kanye also got a chance to play the new Star Wars Battlefront (which we are supremely jealous about). Following his visit to EA, General Manager of Dice Patrick Bach posted a photo of Kanye smiling on Twitter. So I think it’s safe to say if Battlefront makes Kanye smile, it must be pretty damn good.


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