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Weekly updates

What better platform for a Yeezus rant than the actual stage of the Yeezus tour? Kanye West has let rip, yet again, at his Las Vegas show, which we can now enjoy thanks to the continued pervasiveness of the internet. Pacing the stage in an outfit that looked like it came off the set of Django Unchained, except with Margiela mask and the red Yeezys, of course, Kanye spoke at length over a version of the “Runaway” piano intro.

Covering all his currently favoured topics, including his fashion frustrations, those that dismissed him as a youngster and the New World Order, among other things, Yeezy gets an unsurprisingly positive response from the attentive crowd. For quotes like “Yeezus is a new type of drug. High off life, high off confidence, high off self-esteem,” take a look at the two-part, fan-shot video above.